Patterns, Finishing and Colors for Flooring Laminates
I am always intrigued by the balance between artificial and natural.  
AGT laminate technology allows patterns and colors that are not possible with natural wood, with a material that is actually more resistant than wood.
So, instead of just copying patterns of natural wood, my inspiration was beauty of nature combined with human creativity.
My collection has the natural quality of wood, like warm colors, rich texture, and non-geometric, organic patterns, plus all qualities of man-made products, like creative patterns and wide variations of colors.  
The patterns are designed to create a sense of depth and richness. 
So, are these collections natural or man-made?
I like to think they are the best of both worlds.
Defne Koz
Bliss is a soft, calm pattern that has a direct reference to natural veins, but the veins are actually generated by a parametric computer program.
It is as if this wood came from a ‘tree with a brain’, because I was able to adjust shape and density of the veins with a computer program. 
It is best suited when architects want a rich flooring that communicates calm and peace of mind, showing almost the texture of silk, that changes when hit by light.
Spark is a rich pattern that combines the veins of a natural wood with geometric lines.
The result is a balance of organic and straight patterns, arranged in a kind of mosaic.
It is great for use in large, expressive flooring, like a large room, or a hotel lobby, wherever the architect wants a pattern with a strong personality.