"The palm of a hand
Drops on a leaf
Lotus leaves floating in a pond
I designed FOGLIA inspired by thin, subtle concave surfaces that celebrate water instead of containing it inside a volume
FOGLIA means leaf in Italian
FOGLIA's shapes are gentle, curved, organic
FOGLIA washbasins curve to follow their connection to the wall. They are available in many shapes, round and rectangular, some of them could be placed on a matching countertop
FOGLIA toilets have similar top surface, where the lid curves gently to connect to the wall
FOGLIA faucets follow the same curved surface of the washbasins, and their handle follows perfectly the natural hand gesture
I imagine FOGLIA in a bathroom full of light, a gentle environment the celebrate the calm, refreshing ritual at the start of your morning, or to drive you to a relaxing end of day."
Defne Koz