"I always like to talk with professional chefs about their recipes, and I get even more intrigued by their passion for plating. 
For a designer, plating is a little bit like a graphic work or a painting, laying out shapes on a blank ‘canvas’. Or like staging a play in theater, defining what is ‘in focus’ and what is the background of the stage, thinking how a single character magnetizes the scene or how a crowd of actors fills up the scene in perfect harmony.
To design the three gourmet collections, Ala, Onda and Plano, I started from the idea of treating the plates as a stage, and the ingredients as actors on that stage. So, in addition to exploring multiple sizes, from very large plates to small precious ones, I went further and designed a series of special ‘chef’ plates that create an even stronger focus on the food by framing it with larger borders, or placing it asymmetric. I thought about the main ingredient and the sides, I considered how the spices in the recipe would dialogue with the ‘design spices’ on the plates, the decorations on the borders.
In the end, the three collections are a kind of challenge for professional chefs or amateur gourmets: now that we gave you the best stage to celebrate your special recipes, surprise us with your culinary creativity!"