"I want my design to awake senses, evoke subtle emotions with deep, rich materials and shapes. All my designs for NUDE use glass to explore different kinds of visual and tactile sensations through the use of textures and surface patterns.
I am developing a multi-sensory language, refining the aesthetic of sensations, shaping beauty that you can see, touch, feel, and creating immersive experiences that engage the whole body and the whole mind.
I learned that glass is transparent but not invisible, big difference. Even when the material itself is neutral and transparent, the SENSATION that glass generates in not the one of being invisible – it’s not the ABSENCE OF SENSATION, but the addition of MANY sensations that are mysterious, ever-changing, difficult to grasp because they change with the light hitting from different angles. Glass is rich and mysterious, and you perceive it differently every time. When I work with glass I explore reflection, refraction, translucency, fade, texture, layering, and color.
In LAYERS, glass becomes an even more sophisticated material because of the interplay of multiple layers, there are three glass vases placed inside each other. I wanted to work with layers of transparency/translucency, further amplified by layers of water inside the vase. There are variations of color, so we go from completely transparent to color juxtapositions; glass becomes richer but keeps its lightness. With all of this delicate layering, shapes are very simple, almost bold, to contrast the lightness of the material, and colors work nicely in addition to each others, like overlapping color filters."

Defne Koz